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Image by Simone Dalmeri

Diana Elizabeth Burkhardt Foundation

Who We Are

Kevin and Colleen, Dianaʻs children, are honoring their beautiful Mom - "Lady Di" - with the Diana Elizabeth Burkhardt Foundation.

This non-profit will continue her legacy of advocacy, education, and service to those with vision loss and to educate the sighted on how to provide dignity and care for all ages including seniors with vision loss and dementia.

Diana spent her career fundraising for the visually impaired. She, Kevin, and Colleen would be honored to have you help launch her Foundation. 

Image by Annie Spratt


The Diana Elizabeth Burkhardt Foundation is pursuing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and fully anticipate obtaining it, however we cannot make any guarantees to potential donors at this point in time. Your generous donation will be tax deductible retroactively to the date of obtaining our Federal exemption. We appreciate your patience during this process, and urge potential donors to consult with your own tax professional before making a donation. Please sign up for updates or reach out directly regarding our tax exemption status:

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